“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance and people who mean to be their own Governors ,
must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives”- James Madison
It is rightly said that “The whole purpose of eduation is to teach the child to think and not what to
think”. The importance of Teachers Training not only imparts to a continuous never ending
process which promotes teacher’s teaching skills, master novel knowledge ; develop better or
newer proficiency to be equipped with appropriate knowledge, but also with development of
non-scholastic qualities, namely personal characteristics, interpersonal activities and
communication skills, habits, attitudes and values.
We have set out on an elevating and stimulative journey with the aim of providing our
students an exclusive learning experience by teaching them to march ahead with positive
attitude, skill,confidence, punctuality,sensitivity and responsibility.
The unmatched and impressive heights of glory at which our institute stands today bears
testimony to the fact the school is fiercely committed to pursue excellence in all the fields. Be it
in academia, sports, ethics or aesthetics. In this contemporary world where cut throat competition
has become a part and parcel of life, it is of supreme importance that we teach our students to be
competent enough to stand tall amongst others with their extraordinary skills and come out
victorious from the realms of this challenging labyrinth.